Protect The Fort

Raising Private Sector Funds for
Fort Worth’s Front-line Officers

Raising Private Sector Funds for
Fort Worth’s Front-line Officers

What is Protect The Fort?

Through the Protect The Fort (PTF) initiative, the private sector is raising funds in collaboration with the Fort Worth Police Department SWAT Support Group – a non-profit, charitable organization that raises money for vital equipment and training for the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD).

With a generous contribution made by a longstanding, Fort Worth-based real estate- and energy-related investment group, approximately 900 Fort Worth police officers will be equipped with enhanced, lifesaving protective vests.

Please join the ongoing Protect The Fort initiative by making a contribution that will be used to purchase additional lifesaving gear for Fort Worth's front-line officers. Contributions of any size are welcome and very encouraging to our officers.

"Fort Worth has a huge heart. We help those in need. We help each other. And we stand behind those who wear a badge and stand up for us. The Mallick Group’s gift of enhanced protective vests to the men and women of the Fort Worth Police Department is another wonderful example of the “Fort Worth Way.” Let’s acknowledge their gift by doing even more. Join us in donating to Protect The Fort and become part of our team working to provide an enhanced protective helmet for our officers. Helping is who we are and what we do."

Rosie and Mike Moncrief

Co-Chairs of Protect The Fort
Mike was Fort Worth Mayor from 2003-2011

"When Gary retired from the Fort Worth Police Department, my prayers for his safety became prayers for every officer serving our city; and for every officer’s loved ones. Today, I pray that our community will step up and contribute to Protect The Fort. With your help and support we can ensure the wives, husbands, sons and daughters of our officers know Fort Worth citizens are doing everything possible for those who mean so much to them and serve everyday for all of us."

Marilyn Randle

Co-Chair of Protect The Fort

"As a retired Fort Worth police officer, I understand because I have been there.  It can be a tough and sometimes lonely profession; and of course, a very dangerous calling. Yes, this incredible, encouraging gift from The Mallick Group – enhanced ballistic vests for the front-line men and women who wear the badge – will protect our officers and perhaps save lives. But it goes beyond physical protection. It will protect those who protect us! This gift speaks to how deeply our community cares for those who go in harm’s way. 

It is my hope this holiday season that you and yours will join my wife, Marilyn, and I and many others in making a contribution to Protect The Fort so that each front-line Fort Worth officer receiving an enhanced protective vest also receives an enhanced ballistic helmet. Large or small, your donation will make a difference. I say it with great confidence … because I’ve been there."

Gary Randle

Co-Chair of Protect The Fort
Retired Fort Worth Police Officer and
Co-Founder of HOPE Farm

A Contribution That Makes A Real Impact

Hear what this initiative means from the wife of a Fort Worth Police Officer and the impact it will have on their family.

The Gift
These high-tech tactical vests – made possible by a gift from the Protect The Fort initiative – will provide advanced protection, maneuverability and customization for first responders in Fort Worth.
The Goal
These helmets are known for their durability, performance and overall ballistic protection, and include a ratchet system for better fit and comfort. The cost per helmet is $260 making the total cost to outfit our front-line officers $234,000. Please help us secure this advanced gear for FWPD officers.

Our Supporters

On behalf of the 900 front-line officers receiving helmets and vests,
Protect The Fort would like to thank all of those who have contributed.

Platinum ($50,000+)
The Steve Brown Family
Valerie and Michael Mallick
The Walsh Foundation

Gold ($25,000-$49,999)

Silver ($5,000-24,999)
Barlow Garsek & Simon, LLP
Honorable Mike and Rosie Moncrief
Sid W. Richardson Foundation
Sewell Lexus Fort Worth & Sewell Infiniti Fort Worth

Bronze ($1,000-$4,999)
Balfour Beatty Construction
Laura and Greg Bird
Greg Bird, Jetta Operating
Tyler and Brian Crumley
FORT Capital, LP
Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau
Wendy and James Hunsaker
Gabrielle Mallick
Rolf McCann
Thomas Puff
Sara and Greg Scheideman
Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show
Morgan and Thomas West
District 3 City Councilman Zim Zimmerman

Titanium (up to $999)
Joe Attrux
B. Avery
Cindy and Mark Boling
Christopher Cotham
Diane Elliott
Marvin and Felice Girouard
Vicki and Jerry Goodwin
Debbie & Albon Head
Dee Kelly, Jr.
Dan Lawrence
Marty Leonard
Libby Lindstrom
Kirk C. Miller
Julie and Troy Moncrief
Rosie and Mike Moncrief
(in honor of Chris Gavras for all
his help with this endeavor)
The Moyer Family
Mr. and Mrs. Clif Overcash, Jr
Angela Reagan
(in memory of her late grandfather,
FWPD Chief Herbert F. Hopkins)
Melissa Russell
Sonja Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Thornton
Kris Traver
Bob and Jerri Watt

Protect The Fort – Media

Fort Worth City Council: Group donates ballistic vests

Rick Mauch FWBP Correspondent

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said he hopes the rest of the nation takes notice of what happened at the Dec. 13 city council meeting.

The council accepted 900 enhanced ballistic vests from the Fort Worth S.W.A.T Support Group Inc. They will be used by front-line officers and graduating recruits in the Fort Worth Police Department.

In November, the Mallick Group, a Fort Worth real estate and energy related investment firm led by husband and wife Mike and Valerie Mallick, donated $355,000 to the group to pay for the vests, which offer ballistic protection against high velocity rounds and armor piercing ammunition.

Fort Worth Law Enforcement Gives Thanks and Praise To Supportive Community


It’s been a rather horrible year for law enforcement officers, in nearly every big city in America. And, Fort Worth is definitely no exception.

This holiday season, the law enforcement community is giving thanks for survival and continuous health of those who were wounded during the line of duty, including one officer who’s still recovering from the life-threatening injuries sustained on the job.

The community is more than thankful for the support it attained after the tragic shooting on July 7 in Dallas.

Fort Worth police grateful for support in a tough year

Special to the Star-Telegram

The past year has been sobering for the courageous men and women of law enforcement across every major American city.

Fort Worth’s Mallick family donates $355,000 to outfit police with body armor

Scott Nishimura

Fort Worth Police officers will be outfitted with heavy-duty ballistic vests, thanks to a gift from Fort Worth’s Mallick family.

The Mallick Group, represented by the Fort Worth developer Michael Mallick and his wife, Valerie, gave $355,000 to the nonprofit Ft. Worth S.W.A.T. Support Group Thursday.

The money will outfit the city’s 900 patrol, school resource, and neighborhood police officers, and the incoming recruit class, with the $400 vests.

Fort Worth police accept $355,000 donation to buy body armor


Six Fort Worth police officers received advanced ballistic vests Thursday, bought with funds from a $355,000 donation by Fort Worth-based Mallick Group to outfit 900 police officers with the rifle-resistant equipment.

Fort Worth to get $355,000 gift to buy body armor for police


A local real estate developer is giving $355,000 to the Fort Worth Police Department to buy advanced ballistic vests that offer better protection from rifle shots for 900 front-line officers.

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